Beaverton Pervious Concrete Tour

Sustainability for all the places between the buildings.

Welcome to the Self Guided Tour!

Take a self guided tour of Beaverton's pervious concrete installations. Here you'll find resources provided on the tour and more.

Click here for directions from location to location with the least amount of mileage.
Powerpoint: Pervious Concrete Projects in Beaverton

View more documents from Maria Cahill. Green Girl Note: This is really Deborah Martisak's presentation. I just used the SlideShare website to post it to my website, with her permission.

Before we started, Deborah Martisak (Project Manager, Public Works, City of Beaverton) presented an overview of the projects with costs.

Click here to download a pdf of the PowerPoint or browse the presentation right away.

Debbie's lovely high heels on the mix at Beaverton Operations. This was the largest aggregate mix they have, with subsequent mixes getting smaller and smaller (and easier to maintain, apparently because stuff doesn't get lodged in big pore spaces).

Additional Resources from Evolution Paving

The tour was co-presented with:

Scott Erickson
President, Evolution Paving

Click here to download the handouts on product information from Evolution Paving

Scott's comment: [As you'll see in Debbie's PowerPoint presentation,] "the pricing trend has been improving dramatically over the last five years and that new and improved products are now coming out with much better prices than older mixes."

Studies and white papers:

Lombard Plaza sidewalk retrofit

Memo Re: A discussion of the stormwater treatment capability of Pervious Concrete Cement (PCC) Pavement
by Christopher J. Webb, P.E.

Infiltration Opportunities in Parking-Lot Designs Reduce Runoff and Pollution
by Betty Rushton on the Stormwater website

Mineral oil bio-degradation within a permeable pavement: long term observations
By C. J. Pratt; A. P. Newman; P. C. Bond

Courtesy of Water Science & Technology
Heavy Metal Retention within a Porous Pavement Structure
by C. Dierkes, A. Holte, W.F. Geiger
Oil Retention and Microbial Ecology in Porous Pavement Structures
by AP Newman, SJ Coupe, J Henderson, JA Morgan, T Puehmeier, and CJ Pratt
Additional Resources from the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association's website

Signage at the Lombard Plaza. Click on the photo or here to see a readable version.


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