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Sustainability for all the places between the buildings.
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Presenting to developers, agency staff, designers, and the general public at the Oregon Environmental Council's Stormwater Solutions event in Grants Pass, OR. 2009.

Who should attend: anyone interested or engaged in implementing sustainable stormwater practices including commercial and residential contractors; public works staff; landscape architects, designers, and contractors; planners; architects; engineers; natural resource managers; builders; developers, homeowners.

Continuing Education Credits: These classes are likely to meet the continuing education credit requirements for engineers, archtitects, designers, contractors, and others.

Want these classes in your community? I am often willing to travel to some far-flung places in Oregon, Washington, and California to teach these classes to your audience. Contact me to discuss! (Prices vary depending on the overhead of the organization/institution offering the courses with me, but are pretty painless!)

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Tues, Oct 14th

SE Portland, Oregon


Maintaining Green Streets & Rain Gardens - Field Classes
(No sitting needed and two class locations to choose from!)

This training, directed specifically to contractors (but anyone is welcome!), will use site visits to 8 to 10 vegetated stormwater facilities as teaching tools. Participants will learn how to assess the function of these facilities and how best to maintain them to preserve and protect their primary purpose as water quality facilities.

Learning objectives include:

  • Water quality overview and why green infrastructure saves us all money
  • Appropriate maintenance frequency and seasonal considerations
  • How to read the facility to see how water is behaving during a storm event (unless, of course, it's raining while we're there) and which maintenance practices should be done as a result of these observations
  • The basics of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Pruning techniques to protect plant integrity for improved water quality treatment performance
  • Plant placement
  • Choosing suitable replacement plants
  • Removing sediment: How much sediment is too much? (Hint: It depends on the facility!)
  • Erosion control
  • Weed identification
  • Structure inspection and maintenance
  • Design modifications that can be suggested to owner for reducing maintenance
  • and more!

Dates & Locations: in northern and southern Oregon

Tue Oct 14th- INNER SOUTHEAST, PORTLAND, OREGON: Meet on the plaza at the front door of People's Co-op (3029 SE 21st Ave, Portland, OR 97202). Workshop to on foot, so from People's, we'll walk to a number of different facilities within a few blocks. This training is done in partnership with Walker Leiser of DeSantis Landscapes.

Time: 7:30 to 11:30 am

Cost: $40

Registration: Registration is available via PayPal below or by contacting Maria Cahill via email or by calling at 503-334-8634 to send a check.

Attendee Name

Continuing Education Hours: These classes are approved for CEHs for landscape contractors licensed through the Oregon Landscape Contractors Board.

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2009-11-18 LID from Start to Finish: Master planning a site considering the design, construction, and post-construction phases
Rogue Community College: Sustainability Construction Career Pathyway Workshop (Sustainable Principles for Land Development for Educators)
PCC: Summer Sustainability Institute (Sustainable Principles for Land Development for Educators)
Sprout Soak It Up: Raingardens Class
Willamette University: Economics of Sustainability
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